Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey everybody i'm at my grandparents and i 'm having a blast. my best sister ever Hallie's birthday is on monday and i can't wait it is so exciting having a sister who is finally turning nine cause once she tuns nine you turn 10 Ican't believe it then she is going into 4th grade isen't that cool. I love my sister hallie she is awesome I can't wait to tell you some stuff about her well first of all she is amazingand her favorite movie is Lilo and Sitch she loves that movie so much her nick-name is Lilo.Her favorite song is oh my my my by Taylor Swift and the song Drift Away and i don't know the artist of that song.her favorite sport is dance and she is amazing at it she is very talanted 0h my goodness you should totally see her cartwheel!!She collects dots and boy does she have alot. Hallie is deffently my BFF. I LOVE YOU HALLIE thank you for letting me write about the wonderful you !!!
your sister,


  1. Kiersten,
    I love your family! Tell Hallie Happy Birthday from Sydney.

  2. Hey Kiersten! Start Writing on your blog!